Damage and Insurance

We offer damage insurance, which protects you against accidental damages to our rental furniture. You can select from 3 Insurance options “Silver,” “Golden” and "Platinum"
Meaning of Words

Deductible - This refers to the limit of coverage that the policyholder will retain (pay out of pocket) in the event of a claim. For example, if you have a $100 deductible on your Policy, you will be responsible for covering the first $100 of repair/cleaning cost.

Cosmetic damage this refers to impairment of only the appearance of a covered item, but not its functionality.

Irreparable Damage –This refers to impairment of a covered item in a way that the it cannot be restored to its original condition, including but not limited to scratches on leather items; breakage of mirrored or ceramic pieces; rips in the fabric upholstery that cannot be restored without leaving a mark; cigarette burns; abrasions on leather, velour, microfiber or velvet fabrics; staining of upholstery with ink, varnish or other agents resistant to cleaning.

What is covered

The policy will provide coverage during the period of insurance in respect of the contingencies described below.

Accidental or Cosmetic Damage

The cost of repair to the affected area is covered in the event of accidental or cosmetic damage such as:

  • Scratches, abrasions, dents, watermarks, heat rings or breakage of glass or mirror components.
  • Staining (except stains resistant to cleaning such as ink, crazy glue, varnish, etc.).*
  • Accidental Damage to the structure of the item.

*In the event of staining this policy will cover the cost of cleaning the item.

Irreparable Damage

In cases of irreparable damage, the policy will cover percentage of replacement cost according to selected option. The percentage of replacement cost of the damaged item is covered in the event of irreparable damages such as:

  • Staining with all dyes, bleach, corrosives, acid, caustic soda, mineral oils, dye transfer, indelible ink, drawings or scribble.
  • Scorching or any related damage including ring marks on leather caused by a heat source such as hot plate or a cup.
  • The action of sunlight, fading or gradually operating causes (including but not limited to pile shading), wind, weather, rust or corrosion, color loss, expansion or shrinkage of furniture components.
  • Denting, puncturing or splitting of leather or denting, puncturing or splitting of covering fabric.
  • Cracking of Leather.
  • Damage due to consequential odors remaining on the Product once the stain has been treated.
  • Damage due to vermin, birds, insects or pets.
  • Damage resulted from the actions of contracted service suppliers, such as plumbers, painters e.g. varnish spillage or wood stain spillage.
What this policy does not cover

The Insurer shall not be liable for any cost whatsoever arising from or attributed to:

  • Negligent or reckless use or willful abuse or misuse of the Furniture.
  • Any contingency not specifically provided for in these terms and conditions, including but not limited to fire, loss, theft, flood, lightning, explosion, burst pipe, animal damage.

Period of Cover

Coverage starts from the date of delivery of the Product, as detailed on the page 1 of the Rental Agreement and expires upon return of the item.

Policy options

We offer 3 different Insurance options. Please speak with our professional Customer Service Representatives to help you select an option that is most suitable for your needs.