Terms & Services


The rental term shall commence as of date of delivery and continue on a month-to-month basis until terminated in accordance with Rental Agreement. Our minimum rental period is one month. We do not offer a refund of any portion of rent for the month.

Monthly rent, payable in monthly instalments will be charged each month on or before the anniversary day of your delivery. A 5% late payment charge shall be imposed for every payment not made on or before the due date. Late charge will be applied after 5 days of non-payment.  A $35 handling fee will be charged for any returned cheque. A replacement certified cheque or cash will be required after notice of the cheque return. Rent WOW!!! has the right to revoke any discounts after 1 month of non-payment.


Client may terminate Rental Agreement at any time by giving Rent WOW!!! 2 business days’ written notice.

Client may cancel the order by giving 2 business days’ notice prior to delivery. Failure to do so will result in a missed delivery charge plus 15% restocking fee.

Rent WOW!!! can terminate Rental Agreement upon any violation by the client of the terms of the Rental Agreement by giving client 5 days’ Notice.


Rent WOW!!! Will deliver the leased furniture on agreed delivery date. Client (or client’s representative) should be present during the specified time of delivery, failure to do so will result in missed delivery charge. Client is responsible for booking elevators for condo deliveries, as well as arranging an access to Client’s Property, including snow shoveling and providing legal parking spots for Rent WOW!!! moving trucks. Client should notify Rent WOW!!! about any parking restrictions near his/her property. If a Parking Ticket is issued by Parking Authorities during the delivery or pick up time due to the absence of legal parking area near Client’s property, or Client’s failure to inform Rent WOW!!! about the legal parking time near the property, Client is responsible to cover additional Parking Ticket charges. All the delays/waiting time during delivery/pick up of furniture will be a subject to Idling Charge.  The property should be inspected in the presence of the moving crew before and after the delivery/pick up and any damages should be reported right away and indicated on the Delivery Slip. Rent WOW!!! will take responsibility for any accidental damages to Client’s property incurred by Rent WOW!!! moving crew.   The damage claims made after the moving crew left the property will not be addressed. Any accidental damages to the property will be repaired by Rent WOW!!! contractors only.


On delivery, Client shall inspect each item of delivered furniture. Unless Client notifies Rent WOW!!! in writing within 24 hours from the time of actual delivery, specifying any defect or objection to the furniture, Client will be conclusively presumed to have fully inspected and acknowledged that the furniture is in good condition, and that Client is satisfied with and has accepted the furniture in good condition. All the returns of items exceeding the amount of $100 is subject to 15% restocking charge.


THE RENTAL PROPERTY SHALL NOT BE REMOVED FROM THE ADDRESS TO WHICH IT IS DELIVERED WITHOUT Rent WOW!!! WRITTEN CONSENT. If the Client requests a transfer of the furniture from the address stated on the Rental Agreement to any other address, minimum $500 transfer charge will be appliedOrders over $3000 will be subject of a special transfer fee depending on the size of the order. Client is responsible for covering any cleaning, repair or replacement costs resulted from breakage, loss, unreasonable or excessive wear or any other damages incurred by the Client. Replacement cost of each item is 10 times monthly rental rate. Rent WOW!!! offers Damage Insurance which protects against accidental damages to rental furniture Client must notify Rent WOW!!! about any pets present at the property during furniture rental term. To prevent possible infestation or an allergic reaction in future clients, $75 cleaning cost per upholstered item will apply.


Rent WOW!!! will notify the client about upcoming Rental Agreement renewal 3-5 days prior to renewal date and will provide renewal invoice. We are offering 25% renewal discount for the 2nd and all subsequent months of rent. 


On the termination of the Rental Agreement for any reason, Client shall return the leased furniture to Rent WOW!!! in as good condition as when received. Client agrees to have furniture ready for pick up on the agreed date and time. Failure to do so will incur additional pickup charge