Our Unique Furniture Rental Guarantee

At Rent WOW!!!your complete satisfaction with both our service and our rental furniture is 100% guaranteed. We do more than make promises. We live up to them. The only way we can prosper is by helping you succeed in selling your home. We guarantee:
Performance as promised, or we take full responsibility

It is the Rent WOW!!! guaranteed quality of services that keeps our customers happy and satisfied.

Skilled Professionals

Our employees are skilled at their craft, take continuing education courses, and regularly attend seminars.

Friendly & Courteous

If our delivery team member smokes or swears in your home or on your property, you don't pay a penny for the delivery.


We don't tolerate mess. If our delivery team member brings dirt into your home, or leaves packing material, you don't pay a penny for delivery.

Repairs of any Damage

We never leave any damage behind. If any accidental damage occurs, we will fix it quickly and at no charge to you.

Straight-Forward Clear Prices

We don't hide our prices. EVER! There is NO unexpected surprises, and NO hidden fees of ANY kind. What you see on our website is what you get and what you pay. Guaranteed!

Top-Quality Products, or we Replace it

If your Rent WOW!!! product contains a defect we will fix or replace it. We also guarantee that our furniture has absolutely:

  • No Bedbugs or Flees
  • No Cat or Dog Hair
  • No Coffee or Tea Stains
  • No Cigarette Burns or Hot Rounds from Mugs
  • No Bad Odors or Dirt of Any Kind
  • No Sticky Gum or Food Leftovers
  • No Worn-out Fabric
  • No Broken Legs

If you have any questions regarding our Furniture Rental Guarantee, call (416) 447-2010. Our customer services team will be happy to assist you.

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